Why Choose Marianopolis?

Marianopolis is the place for motivated students to achieve, grow and succeed. We offer a unique combination of academic rigour, personalized support and vibrant student life, with statistics that year after year show that our graduates are better prepared than their classmates once they get to the world’s top universities.


Big enough to offer 6 DEC programs and 3 Double-DEC programs, with class sizes that are, on average, 25% smaller than at public colleges. At Marianopolis you aren’t just a number. You are supported, inspired and challenged. Our professors get to know you by name and go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. They all have advanced degrees in their teaching disciplines, some are published authors, practicing psychologists and accomplished artists, while others are considered experts in their fields.


Our students come from all backgrounds and from more than 170 high schools from throughout Montreal and the world. What they have in common is a motivation to excel and a deep appreciation for community. Because college is more than preparing for university. It's also a time for friendship, developing leadership skills, having fun. No other school offers you as many activities outside the classroom. We have more student clubs than any other college and we are the only one with two universal breaks each week. That’s a time set aside for you to take advantage of our many extracurricular, sports and enriching activities, get involved at the College, discover new interests, network with industry professionals and attend lectures that round out your studies.


No other college has our tradition of excellence or matches our track record of success:

  • Marianopolis students tend to have the highest average R-Scores in the province. Coming to Marianopolis will help, not hurt, your R-Score. That is because a key component of the R-Score is the academic strength of the group, and at Marianopolis you are surrounded by strong students who had good grades in high school.
  • Marianopolis students occupy more spots each year in competitive university programs than all other Montreal colleges combined. In fact, two thirds of Marianopolis graduates have an R-Score above 30, making them eligible for most competitive university programs.
  • Marianopolis students graduate on time at double the rate of students in other pre-university colleges. What's more, because they are so well prepared, Marianopolis graduates complete their university studies within a shorter time compared to students from other colleges.