The myth about competition

Rudy MoleyAdmissions, Advice, Support

Like many others at the College, Stephanie Wang wanted to put to rest the rumour that Marianopolis students compete with each other. Knowing what it’s really like to be a Marianopolis student and with a love of computer programming, she created a website on which she and her fellow students shared study tips and class notes and helped each other out with their classes.

“Any talk about students betraying one another for personal success is not true. When I was a Heath Science student at the College, I found that my classmates were always happy to help others,” says the Royal West Academy graduate who went on to study Medicine at Université de Montréal. “We wanted to provide a place where students could ask questions and have them answered by fellow students who have already taken the particular course, or who have a specific answer based on their own experience with the subject matter. It’s what happens on campus all the time.”

Here is what some other students have to say about the myth that Marianopolis students are competitive with each other:

“I never had to do a calculus or chemistry assignment alone. Your friends and classmates will always support you and want the best for you.”

Elia Nissan ’20, Pure and Applied Science

“I’m so proud of to have been part of the Marianopolis family. Because it’s a small school, most people know each other either through classes or clubs. I always see students helping and supporting one another.”

Zhi Ying Ge ’20, Social Science – Honours Commerce

“The myth of competitiveness is not what people make it out to be. Being at Marianopolis means surrounding yourself with people who want to succeed with you, not against you. Being a Marianopolis student means working hard, persevering and engaging. The environment at the school doesn’t work against you, but rather works with you and pushes you to be the best you can be!”

Rome Gildone ’19, Social Science – Law, Society and Justice