J’ai choisi Marianopolis: Tristan Boucher-Gould

Rudy MoleyAlumni, Honours, Programs

Class of: 2021
Program: Honours Health Science
High school: Académie Sainte-Thérèse
Current profession: Student in medicine at Université de Montréal

After graduating high school in the suburbs just outside of Montreal, Tristan Boucher-Gould ’21 wanted to use his time at Marianopolis to develop his interest in medicine, explore the city, and embrace any opportunity that came his way – and did he ever!

As an Honours Health Science student with certificates in Third-World Studies and International Studies, Tristan made the most of his time at Marianopolis, joining close to a dozen clubs and committees, while keeping his focus on his ultimate goal of pursuing his studies in medicine. He didn’t let the challenge of studying in English for the first time hold him back. His commitment to student life included his time as coordinator of social justice on the Marianopolis Student Union, working on an anti-racism and discrimination-awareness campaign, and participation in the anti-harassment and sexual violence policy committee, among others. He was also an advocate for student mental health and organized various wellness initiatives. Tristan’s dedication was rewarded when he became the recipient of the College’s 2021 Douglas Howes Award for outstanding contributions to the quality of student life.

Tristan looks back fondly on his time at Marianopolis, acknowledging several staff and faculty members who contributed to his success. He credits Student Life Animator Trudy Ste-Croix ’92 with helping him navigate his many on-campus activities. Professor Matthew Hays’ popular culture and sexual representation class also left its mark on him, due in part to its emphasis on student-based discussions.

“Getting involved in student life taught me so much, especially about maintaining a healthy school-life balance and the importance of close, supportive friendships.”

Tristan Boucher Gould ’21

His interest in medicine stretches back to a young age – he was initially exposed to the hospital environment when his father underwent open-heart surgery when Tristan was 8 years old. Seeing loved ones suffer through their own medical ordeals helped him realize that he wanted to become a doctor. A humanitarian trip that he took to Ghana in high school gave him the chance to assist in procedures and observe surgeries, which further piqued his interest in the medical field. Developing a deep love for Montreal during his time studying at Marianopolis, he chose to continue his studies in medicine at Université de Montréal, where he is now a Preparatory Year student.