Financial accessibility throughout your college studies

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Financial accessibility is a longstanding value at Marianopolis. Whether you are just starting your college studies or you are soon to graduate, our Financial Aid Office helps students with the many forms of financial assistance available, so that finances need never be a barrier to your academic success.

Among several scholarships and bursaries that the College provides each year is the Silver Key Bursary. It supports a second-year students in good academic standing who needs financial assistance and whose involvement on campus and in the wider community exemplifies the College’s mission, vision and values.  

This bursary is named for and funded by Silver Key students, the official ambassadors of Marianopolis. The Silver Keys help high school students and new Marianopolis students and their families get to know the College.

The Silver Keys hold various fundraisers on campus each year to raise money to fund their annual bursary. Here are some examples of their creative fundraising initiatives :

  • “I am offering private lessons on the basics of freestyle soccer. We focus on juggling as well as how to land an Around the World.” – Emma Westenberg, Honours Commerce
  • “I sold a Chemistry Review Sheet that I made to help students with exercises from the textbook and in class.” – Misha Fotovati, Honours Health Science
  • “We are helping people celebrate Valentine’s Day with everything from flowers to chocolate to serenades, all delivered with social distancing and love.” – Camille Zhou and Tina Tian, Arts and Sciences
  • “I reached out to my old high school and offered my tutoring services. The money I raise will go directly to the Silver Key Bursary. It’s a way of giving back to my old community while helping my new Marianopolis community.” – Alexandre Siou, Health Science
  • “I have been making crochet amigurumi, which is the Japanese craft of crocheting or knitting stuffed creatures, and other items to sell. My most popular product is a large bumblebee!” Rachel Tang, Honours Commerce student

As a Marianopolis student, you can apply to become a Silver Key at the beginning of each academic year. This is a fantastic experience while at the College and a great volunteer leadership position to list when applying to university.