Bursary recognizes resilience, rewards compassion

Rudy MoleyStudent Life, Support

Financial accessibility is a longstanding value at Marianopolis. Whether you are just starting your college studies or you are soon to graduate, our Financial Aid Office helps students with the many forms of financial assistance available, so that finances need never be a barrier to your academic success.

One of the College’s newest entrance bursaries for incoming students is the Lakshmi Roy Fortitude Bursary, created by a 2019 Marianopolis graduate in Pure and Applied Science who is now studying Computer Engineering at McGill University.

A mere two years after graduating from Marianopolis, Lakshmi Roy decided to do something meaningful for her alma mater, to support future students who demonstrate generosity and compassion through community involvement as well as strength in overcoming adversity. Lakshmi also wanted to honour her time at Marianopolis, which she describes as “foundational.”

“At the height of 4’9″, people often underestimate me and do not expect such a large voice to come out of such a small person. The Spoken Word Club that I founded at Marianopolis gave me the platform to find my voice. It gave students all around the school a chance to express themselves, to disseminate positive messages, and to make a change – big or small – in the world.” Lakshmi was also involved at Marianopolis as a Silver Key student ambassador and held an executive role in the Urmul Trust Charity Foundation, a family of organizations working toward social and economic change.

Lakshmi’s vision is to allow the students supported by her bursary to thrive at Marianopolis as she did, and to make positive changes that will impact future generations.